The power of love

Two weeks ago, Lakeside Presbyterian Church brought 100 bags of clothing for children and adults to the Hospital Civil, a public hospital in Guadalajara.

In times of illness and crisis, people need to know they are not alone. That’s why Bible verses were inserted into each bag, to share the hope of Jesus Christ to those going through such difficult times. God also gave us the opportunity to pray for the children and their parents inside the hospital.

Isai has a debilitating heart condition. He prayed with us.

This is Isaí Gonzalez, an 11-year-old boy diagnosed with a heart condition as well as an infection in his right lung. Isaí joined us in praying. He told us his greatest wish in life is to play football again with his friends.

Elena is three months old and has never been able to leave the hospital.

Baby Elena was born three months ago with renal failure. She has been hospitalized from the day she was born. Her mother cares for her every day. Everyone who has ever been to a hospital knows that it is not easy, but in Christ we have the confidence and hope we need to move forward.

Clothing for Elena and for her mom was delivered to them and we had a chance to pray for them.

Gloria can’t wait to celebrate her quinceañera.

Gloria Estefania is a 14-year-old girl, waiting for an operation after being run over by a car. At this time, doctors are still not sure if she will be able to walk again, so please keep Gloria in your prayers.

Gloria was happy to receive us in her room and told us she wants to celebrate her 15th birthday (quinceañera) with a new dress.

We are grateful to the members and friends of Lakeside Presbyterian who reach out in love to those in need—all to the glory of God!

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