Service groups

Many ways to get involved
Lakeside Presbyterian Church is run by a large number of volunteers who love Jesus and love each other. You don’t need to be a member to participate! Our ministries and service groups provide an almost unlimited number of ways to join in.

Altar Guild/Worship takes care of the “furnishings for worship” for church functions and helps ensure that the worship experience at LPC brings people closer to God. Members help provide flowers, banners, décor, as well as assist with communion preparation. Tom Emmerson, 331-971-5090.

Community Life and Events members encourage Christian fellowship and support for church members and others in the community to involve them in the church. Group members plan refreshments, special meals and events, as well as our women’s and men’s group outings. Lynn Hanson, 376-766-2660.

Ministry Outreach provides a compassionate humanitarian response to physical, emotional, educational, and social needs. This group is responsible for despensas, adult diaper distribution, and men’s and women’s prison ministries. This service group also supports clean water projects and community centers in La Zapotera and Mezcala. It also provides thousands of meals each month to organizations like CCREAD, the addiction rehab centers in Mezcala and Chapala, as well as meals in our own church for both the Spanish and English language congregations. We sponsor local meal preparation for school children in San Antonio Tlayacapan, La Sima, Mezcala and La Zapotera.  Martin Thorner, 554-993-4446.

Children and Family Ministry organizes a safe and enjoyable Christian environment for children at the church. Volunteers help with childcare, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, child evangelism, confirmation and obtain appropriate teaching materials. Victoria Banuet, 376-766-3047.

Congregational Care helps care for the spiritual needs of members and attendees, especially during times of illness or special needs. Volunteers provide telephone contact and follow-up, correspondence, home and hospital visitation, and coordinate our prayer ministry. Donna Emmerson, 331-221-8953 .

Discipleship Ministry promotes Christian growth and maturity. Members are responsible for Bible studies and new members classes, training in discipleship, and small groups, as well as managing the church library and other learning resources. Carolyn Hansen, 376-766-1238.

Business and Finance members ensure the practical business needs of the church are met. They count the offering, take care of banking, plan the budget, as well as proactively managing our finances, taxes, accounts payable, government registrations, annual reports, annual church meetings and other stewardship issues. Dean Hanson, 376-766-2660.

Communications and Promotions group members are responsible to make the church better known in the community, encouraging more people to attend. They also help ensure effective communications with church members and attendees. Included in their responsibilities are advertising, media relations, promotions, printed bulletins, calendars, directories, bulletins boards, e-mails, the website, greeters and ushers. Norm Pifer, 376-766–0616.

Facilities, Buildings and Grounds provides a safe, attractive and functional location for worship and other church activities. This group is responsible for improvements, repairs and maintenance on our church buildings, gardens and grounds. They are also leading the construction and preparation of our new church building and grounds. Robert Cunningham, 376 106 1261.

Praise Team enhances the worship experience of the congregation by helping them to focus on God as they sing.