The moment we’ve been waiting for!

Dear Members and Friends of Lakeside Presbyterian Church, 

As soon as vaccines began to arrive in our community, we all started discussing when and how we’ll reopen the church. This is exciting news! We just had our first Session meeting since the vaccine’s arrival—and reopening was our most-discussed topic.

The elders decided that, in anticipation of the second vaccine being given to those 60+ in Ajijic and Chapala, we will be able worship at our church on Sunday, May 2.

If you are not comfortable attending the live worship services yet, we understand. Please join us online for live streaming via Facebook at The service will also be recorded and available on our website on Sunday afternoon.

We also need to be clear that all of Jalisco’s required safety protocols must be followed while we’re in the church. That means if you’re unable to wear a mask for the duration of the service, you may have to wait to return. Also, because of the laws that are in place, attendance must be limited at this time to 50 persons.

If you plan to attend, we ask that you contact Lidia Ramirez by phone at 331-836-5686 or email to

As we hope we’ve made clear our highest priority has always been you, our congregation. We love you and are committed to doing what love requires, even when it’s hard.

Thank you so much for the support you’ve continued to show for our family here at Lakeside! We hope to see you at worship very soon.

Many Blessings to You,

The Elders of Lakeside Presbyterian Church 

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