Being a blessing, receiving a blessing

You’ll see a lot going on at Lakeside Presbyterian Church–even if it isn’t Sunday morning. Each Saturday morning, for example, Mexican families from villages near Ajijic and Chapala gather outside the building even before the doors open at 9 a.m. They are anticipating a morning of life-skills training on computer basics, English, and sewing—all with childcare provided.


Once inside, family members go to separate rooms based on whether they’re a high school student who wants to be tutored in computer literacy, a parent who wants to improve their English, or a toddler going to childcare.  Bilingual assistance is on hand to help newcomers find their way and understand the plan for the morning.  This isn’t a church service, but a learning opportunity for those wishing to take advantage of it.

A hot brunch, served at 10 a.m., lets everyone socialize with friends. Then at 10:30 a.m., it’s back to class.  The English language classes are taught at three different capability levels.  Most leave for home at noon—but several women who want to learn the skill and art of sewing stay for another hour.

This Saturday morning opportunity is a blessing, both to the ones who learn and the team of Lakeside Presbyterian Church volunteers who provide this valuable free education.

Our volunteers also help feed the poor, provide clean drinking water where there was none, and clothe those who need it here in the Mexican villages that surround us.

If you’d like more information about our church—or to volunteer for one of the many available positions that support our community, please contact the church office/administrator 376-106-0853, or review our website.

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