A different way to worship together

We are all eagerly waiting for the time when we can get back together in our church. Now that the Jalisco government has pushed the red button, we can’t even meet as a group of more than ten people, no matter what the reason.

When we sent our survey a few weeks ago, we learned that for every person who was ready to come back to church, two were not. And that was before the recent rise in COVID cases. The leadership of the church understands this cautious approach. After all, even if you feel that you could survive the illness, it would be painful to learn that you might have infected someone else.

However, because of technology, there may be a new way to worship together using our church’s recorded worship services: A Facebook watch party.

We understand that not everyone is on Facebook, or even wants to be on Facebook, but if you are, a watch party may be a good idea for you. Laura McGregor has put together a brief video that explains how to do it — and how to get the most out of a watch party. You can see the video here:

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