Senior Pastor

Lakeside Presbyterian Church is actively seeking a full-time Senior Pastor to lead our congregation here in the Lake Chapala area of Mexico.

Our pastor for the last 9 years, Ross Arnold, died unexpectedly earlier this year after a brief illness. The church’s Pastor of Congregational Care, Associate Pastor of Discipleship, elders, and deacons are doing an excellent job of keeping the church vibrant and strong. It is critical to us to bring on a pastor who is a good fit with both our congregation and our community.

If you are passionate about building the body of Christ through biblical teaching and preaching, this could be the church for you.

The responsibilities of the Senior Pastor include:

  • Leadership: The Senior Pastor’s leadership helps the church accomplish great things for the glory of God.
  • Vision: As a visionary, the Senior Pastor sets the overarching direction for our church.
  • Teaching: The Senior Pastor trains and disciples members and attendees in the Christian faith.
  • Pastoring: The Senior Pastor shepherds the church members by gentle example and inspirational preaching.

For a complete job description, click here.

If you are interested in filling this position, please send your resume with references and a cover letter to

Our Story

Lakeside Presbyterian Church began in January 2009 in the home of one of 13 Christians who felt compelled to begin a mission church of the Presbyterian Church in Mexico. The church soon moved to a storefront which it quickly outgrew. Then, it began plans for a larger space to expand its community and service through many more ministries. The church recently celebrated its 10th anniversary In that decade, it grew from a group of about 30 to more than 200 people in our combined English language and Spanish-language congregations.

Our English-language congregation is active and growing. Nearly all who are physically able serve in some capacity and our congregants are also very generous. Most of our budget is spent to fulfill Jesus’ call to feed the hungry, give clean water to the thirsty, provide clothing and medical assistance to those who need it, visit the sick and those in prison, and welcome the stranger (Matthew 25: 35-46).

Those of us who have made our home here truly love this community and have found that Lakeside Presbyterian Church has helped us to grow even deeper roots here.  

Our Mission

Lakeside Presbyterian is a Spirit-led, Christ-honoring church that is obedient to Scripture. We love, serve, evangelize, teach, and train people in and beyond our community. We feel especially called to train Christian leaders. We have five Ministries Purposes:

  1. Worship is how we fulfill God’s desire that we be in communion with Him. We have two congregations: one English-speaking and one Spanish-speaking congregation (Iglesia del Lago) that meet each Sunday.
  2. Fellowship as we are called together as the Body of Christ, and are committed to our life together in fellowship, encouragement and enjoyment of one another. We truly enjoy each other’s company!
  3. Discipleship as God desires for all of us to grow deeper in our faith, to learn more of Scripture and God’s will for us, and to proceed towards Christian maturity, becoming more like Christ.
  4. Ministry Outreach demands that we work to provide a Christian humanitarian response to the needs of people in our church and our community, through our expanding outreach efforts and involvement with local charitable organizations.
  5. Evangelism at Lakeside Presbyterian is a priority as we reach out to our community in every way possible, to share the Good News of the love and salvation available in Jesus Christ.

Since 2009, we have built a community church that provides thousands of meals each month, helps bring clothing and clean water to nearby impoverished communities, and most important, glorifies Christ by walking in His way.

Our Community and Quality of Life

We are in the region of Jalisco, Mexico called Lake Chapala—the largest inland lake in Mexico. Many communities dot Lakeside’s shores and it has become the home of one of the largest expat communities in the world.

Newcomers should be ready to be embraced by a warm and welcoming Mexican and English community, enjoy near-perfect weather year-round and a significantly lower cost of living.

Locally, there are affordable homes, good schools, good restaurants, a myriad of clubs and social activity groups, all kinds of music and concerts from jazz to classical to mariachi as well as theater and many beautiful recreational areas to explore, to name just a few.

While not an urban environment, we are less than one hour by bus or car from Guadalajara, a major metropolitan area of 12 million people which boasts world-class performing arts, entertainment, museums, sports, cuisine and many creature comforts from the north, including Costco and Starbucks. At the Guadalajara airport alone, there are three Starbucks! 

Why Us?

There are so many reasons to commend our vibrant life here at Lakeside. We are a kind, caring church whose worship services are filled with sacred moments. We are guided by the Holy Spirit in creating and maintaining a flourishing depth and breadth of ministries to meet the many needs we find in the communities that surround us.

We truly believe there is something extraordinary going on here – in our church and in this unique and wonderful place we live. We are also certain we can offer you an exceptional opportunity to use all you’ve learned and your many gifts to flourish through faith and action in serving God and His Kingdom.

To apply for our Senior Pastor position, please send your resume with references and a cover letter to