Our leadership

Our leadership

Guillermo2 (1024x1021)Guillermo Banuet is the pastor of our Spanish-language congregation, Iglesia Presbiteriana del Lago. He is also a member of Session as a Teaching Elder.


Wayne Cook is our Pastor of Congregational Care and a Teaching Elder.



Bill Nichols is the Associate Pastor of Discipleship.





Dean Hanson is our treasurer and the deacon who leads our Business and Finance service group along with elder Rick Cartwright.

Dean Hanson (1024x963)


Norm Pifer leads our Communications service group and Phyllis Jensen is the elder for the group.






Debbie Reynolds is the deacon who leads the Community Life and Events service group with elder Lynn Hanson.

Victoria (1024x963)


Victoria Smith leads our Children and Family Ministries.




Jai Cartwright is the deacon and Rossana Magana Ruiz is the elder serving our Feeding Ministry service group.






Gary Smith and Marcee Smith are the deacons of the Ministry Outreach service group, along with elder Martin Thorner L√≥pez, our Senior Director of Ministry Outreach.







Julia Dieterman and Mindy Nichols are the deacon and elder responsible for our Altar Guild and Worship service group.





Lynn Turnbull is our Parish Nurse and the deacon who leads our Congregational Care service group, along with elder Carla VanderPloeg.







Ernest Gabbard is the deacon in charge of our Community Groups and our Senior Director of Business and Finance.Ernest (600x596)





Bill Reynolds is the deacon responsible for our Building and Grounds service group, along with elder John Gonzales.